Wednesday, December 17, 2008

MMO update

WoW has done a few things that annoyed Mr. Wacky so he and I investigated other MMO options. What we found was EVE Online.
Mr. Wacky really likes it. I am able to barely play.
In other words, I can do mining and industry. Combat is quite difficult even in a fleet.
The mission system is inflexible in my opinion and due to that I tend to avoid missions. Almost every Level 1 Agent type has the possibility of giving you combat missions. Turning down or abandoning missions negatively affects standings. Because of this, I tend not to avoid missions completely.
Avoiding missions means one doesn't gain standings or loyalty points so that it is harder to get good gear and your refining efficiency won't be as good.
With all of these problems, I still put up with playing. Mr. Wacky isn't playing WoW at present so if I want to do something with Mr. Wacky I have to play EVE. Unfortunately, it doesn't feel as cooperative or close but it will have to do.
EVE might be a good option for a high partial with better use of their vision than I have.
One reason that WoW works for me is addons. EVE does not allow for them and as such I don't have a lot of hope that the situation will ever change.
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