Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I will never see the ocean or ocean floor the same way again...

So, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has a new Sea Kitten campaign. (It is real.) I learned about this on Twitter but I can't remember from whom.
The site is cute. It feels like a lot of the sites I've seen aimed at children with bedtime stories and make your own sea kittens. Great, just great, misinform children about fish.
One of the stories featured a tuna who wanted to play with her friends. News flash PETA, Tuna are predators. So, yes that Tuna is probably having a whole lot of fun but I'm not sure her 'friends' are.
However, my last straw came when I was playing with the 'make your own sea kitten' feature. My tuna was dressed with lipstick, a leather jacket, and a mohawk before I noticed the optional litter box for me to place in the scene. Fish, oh pardon me, 'Sea Kittens' aren't known for bowel and bladder control, they eliminate in the water that surrounds them and any heavy stuff falls to the ocean floor. (Okay okay, I didn't look this up. I'm guessing.) So, hasn't PETA made the ocean and the ocean floor and any other body of water containing fish out to be one giant litter box for their precious 'Sea Kittens'? Why should anyone want to care about a litter box no matter how cute the things that use it are?
PETA wanted to get a new public relations firm for fish but I think they've really done a disservice to the public image of the homes of the sea kittens.
But, this talk aside, who approved this campaign? Was it submitted seriously? I half wonder if it was submitted to PETA as a covert attempt to undermine them from the inside. Well, I hope that's what happened but I doubt it is what happened and that makes me sad.

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