Sunday, July 06, 2008

Henhouse Intro

My first project for The Plurkette Hencircle is the ever so evil introduction.
Joining is an odd endeavor for me. Plurk causes me to be oddly social, hopefully not regrettably so.
I call myself a homemaker because it's simpler to say than than to say 'I'm too sick to work." I really don't have the skills to go with the title.
A tidy and clean home helps me feel content and safe. While I've read a lot about how to create the kind of home I want, I just haven't put it into practice. Part of that is budget but most of it is spoons.
The goals for my inner farmgirl need to be tempered with reason. I'd like to cook more and learn to enjoy it the way I did when I was young. Container gardening has been tempting me for years if I can find a way to improve my diet that doesn't compromise my budget nor my health. Learning to do more than sew on a button and mend a minor tear would be so helpful in getting my wardrobe to work for me better. Doing more cleaning and organizing would make he happier and healthier if I don't overdo it.
Fiber is my hobby, my stress relief, as well as therapy for my hands. It's a small thing I can do for others that helps me feel a little better about myself. I recieve so much from others, I just want to give back a fraction.
That ties into the concept of 'farmgirl' for me. I want to do what I reasonably can to create a warm environment in my home. I want to take care of myself, my home, and my SO to the best of my actual and not imagined abilities. It will never be much. That's okay. But, maybe I can come to enjoy what little I can do. Plus, if I find efficient ways of doing it, I can do more.
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