Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Accessible voting versus secure voting

At one point I was an advocate of accessible voting. The more my
partner reads to me, the more I am ashamed to be connected to push
for electronic voting machines.
I may be unique in this view, but I'd rather not be able to vote
independently rather than open up the voting process to hacking.
I have the option of voting absentee and getting a trusted friend to
help me vote if I'm worried that I won't like the help available at
the voting booth. I have heard concerns that these absentee ballots
won't be filled out according to the voter's wishes. Someone in that
situation needs help to get into a healthier one.
While I don't really like needing help to complete a ballot and am
worried that it may not be filled in incorrectly I am far more
uncomfortable with the fact that using electronic accessible voting
machines may make it easier for someone to modify my and others votes
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