Friday, January 08, 2010

Yay for my Adjustable Blanket Support

I've been having some trouble with my feet. This is worst at home, especially in bed.
The problems seem to be caused by my bedclothes and my house shoes. My toes get subluxated easily and my heels won't stay at the back of my shoes.
So far we've done a few things to try to help me. I've got new socks purchased in the sporting goods department that are a bit larger than my usual and more padded. I've tried on endless pairs of bedroom slippers but have yet to find a pair that will fit and prevent my feet from pushing forwards thus compressing my toes.
What has helped the most is my adjustable blanket support. By keeping most of the weight of the covers off my feet I'm more comfortable at night and can sleep with my legs in a more natural position so my hips are happier too.
If you are considering getting one there are a few things to think about. My mattress is about 15" deep and I wear a US size 9 1/2 women's shoe. Honestly, I don't have quite enough height to keep my feet completely vertical with nothing touching my toes. Also, the adjustment has to be done with pliers if there's any hope of it staying where you set it and I've still had the platform slide downwards if my PCA isn't careful or if I put too much weight on it. Also, I have a full sized bed and the support is designed for a twin so I have a limited space where it is 'safe' to put my feet.
While I do wish there was a different design available to me, I do think I got the best of what is on the market today. My feet don't get extra cold which is something I was really concerned about. I am waking up in less pain and don't necessarily need to reduce my toes every morning. All in all, good things. However, if anyone is considering redesigning the blanket support for today's bigger beds and thicker mattresses and would like some feedback please contact me.
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